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Business Broadband vs Home Broadband

How business broadband is different:

For many users, the current home broadband market has offerings that are more than adequate for their needs. For some people who run a business from home or have a simple office setup this can be sufficient for business use as well. However, companies can in many cases benefit from a dedicated business broadband service. Which offers many advantages over standard broadband. Here are some of the reasons to choose business broadband for your company.

IP addresses

One of the simplest but most important reasons for opting for business broadband is the IP address differences. An IP address is the code the internet uses to reach your computer. Unfortunately, there are not enough to really go around at the moment on a fixed basis (although this is being changed), but by dynamically allocating IP addresses as needed the issue is not a problem for providers. So at home your IP address will change over time when you log onto the internet, but it won’t cause any significant issues.

For businesses, static IP addresses are better since they allow some functions that dynamic addresses can’t. One of the most important of these functions is the ability to host a server, which is a vital component of many businesses. It also allows you t host your own site, and also a domain name server, and install intranet and remote log on so that secure access to a local network can be achieved.


Routers for the home are available in a range of models each with different capacities, but in general even the cheaper models will be sufficient for most homes. They will also be sufficient for a handful of computer connections (up to about 12) for businesses. However, businesses with greater demands from their modems will need routers tailored to greater signal dispersal and security, as well as having filtering, VPN and firewalling capabilities. The security software in general for business broadband is more strict than with home broadband, which is another benefit.

Targeted premium support

While providers all claim to have the best home broadband customer service, the added premium paid for business broadband is of higher standard again. Usually there are dedicated support resources allocated for business customer cohorts, with support being prioritised for companies and 24 hour calling lines open.

Service guarantees

One of the most important benefits to businesses of these broadband services is the pledges of service levels that are often given. Sometimes home customers might need to wait a few days for a repair in the event of a disruption, but often business broadband customers will have the guarantee of a fix on a next-day basis. There may be a compensation structure set up in the event it cannot be resumed in the stated timeframe, similar to insurance almost.

There may also be a minimum uptime guarantee or even an average speed guarantee, although this is more rare.

Better service overall

As with the phone support offered, there are priorities given to broadband users in terms of resource allocation. Broadband networks often become congested, but if this is the case then business customers are often given priority bandwidth which will mitigate against speed reductions at peak times which can hamper home broadband services significantly.

So there are several primary reasons for businesses to choose tailored broadband services. But there are other features, such as email domain names and free mobile broadband, which also increase the value of these offerings. So while it might not seem worth it up front, business broadband is like many products tailored to companies in that it provides a wider range of benefits which are in many cases essential for running a professional organisation. For most business owners, it would be best to get a deal with more of these offerings since it is usually best to have the benefit of them in advance rather than find out later that you should have paid for them.

This alone usually justifies the cost, which can be significant – but given how critical internet is for business today the price is worth in with the competitive offerings out there.