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How to access public WiFi hotspots?

WiFi hotspots and how to access them:
Mobile broadband can be extremely useful for those on the go, especially those who work while commuting or out on business. However, mobile broadband plans and data bundles can be somewhat costly if used intensively.

Thankfully, public wifi hotspots are a great way to reduce your mobile broadband bill while you are out – businesses offer free wifi to their customers to improve their experience at the establishment, and by logging on to the wifi network you can avail of free internet and in many cases faster connection than offered by your mobile broadband.

This is because the connection you are accessing is not provided by your phone company over their mobile network, but instead you are independently accessing ADSL broadband from the place you are located, just s with your broadband signal at home. The same principle is in practice when you access the network when at work.

Most of the time you simply have to check your device for open networks in the area when you are in a cafe, shopping centre, restaurant, or shop, and the name of the business (often followed by “free wifi” or something to that extent) and log on – often in cafes there will be a password required which you can request from a staff member.