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Laptops with built-in mobile broadband

While many people access the mobile broadband network easily from their phones without the need for extra equipment, it is less expected that your laptop will have the same ability to access the mobile network. While connecting to wifi is obviously an integral aspect of laptops, most people assume you need a separate modem or router to access the mobile internet network.

This is not the case, since many laptops now have built in 3G or 4G functionality. Whereas before, a separate card would have to be inserted into the side of the laptop in a connection port to access mobile internet, nowadays special laptops come with the technology to pick up the mobile signal built in.

These days 4G mobile broadband is of such a high quality that it can rival conventional broadband and also provide better portability also. With 4G laptops this is made easier since everything is ready to go and less configuration is needed, and also there are no extra additions like dongles or mifis to contend with.

These laptops allow accessing the internet anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal. They don’t need other hardware, and use less battery.

4G, and 3G to a lesser extent, can reach speeds comparable to other forms of broadband like ADSL. If you’re on the move, instead of needing to log in to wifi all the time you can rely on your mbile broadband signal. However, this is assuming the signal is good enough where you are. Some building and more widely some areas (such as rural areas) have less mobile broadband signal. This depends on the region, congestion, time of day, and building fixtures that might interrupt good signal. So it is worth bearing in mind that connection will vary depending on the area, meaning that a 4G laptop may not be ideal for all users.

This is particularly true for those that stream a lot of HD content or download large file sizes. A 4G laptop with no wifi access will not be enough for the job. If your internet use is primarily confined to light streaming of content like music and video, communication, browsing and the like, then mobile broadband laptops will be ideal.