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What is MiFi?

MiFi internet explained:

MiFi is a valuable innovation that allow many devices to connect to the one mobile broadband at the same time. This is similar to the benefits of wifi routers, which enabled much more functionality over the direct cable connections that were previously standard. With MiFi routers, users can share a mobile broadband connection, which was previously not possible since each device needed its own separate sim access to the network.

It is important to note the modern capabilities of 4G broadband versus the previous generations of mobile broadband when making decisions about whether the service is for you. In previous years, mobile broadband speeds were only good enough for browsing and communication. However, since the advent of 4G speeds of up to 40Mbps are widely achievable, making mobile broadband a legitimate contender to ADSL (standard broadband) for many users.

MiFi’s function almost the same as routers in that they allow several devices to connect to a localised signal. They contain a sim card which routes the mobile broadband signal just as would happen with your smartphone. However, like standard broadband routers, the more devices connected to the signal transmitted by the MiFi, the weaker the signal gets.

There are other advantages to MiFi. Importantly for some users who may reside in areas with less signal, MiFi can be adjusted position-wise since they are not physically attached to the device, which enables testing the building or living space for better signal reception (a MiFi placed near a window will allow transferal of the better signal to anywhere else in the room).

They are also very easy to set up in comparison with standard broadband – in minutes you can have a mifi and its software configured and installed. And a MiFi device is typically cheaper and has less strings attached than a conventional broadband router. MiFi can even be used as data storage devices, which is a handy side feature. They can be used with SD cards to expand the storage space available.

All major mobile networks sell MiFi and they can be used with prepaid or billpay cost structures. The longer the contract you opt for initially with billpay, the greater your chances of getting a free MiFi into the contract, or at least one at a reduced fee. They come in 4G or 3G models, but 3G is being phased out worldwide (although may be the only option for geographical reasons for some users).