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Broadband bundles explained

The principle behind broadband bundles is the same as with a deal you’d get on a phone that comes with credit loaded on it beforehand: since you are buying more than one good or service from the same provider, they can offer a lower overall price since they are guaranteed more sales. With a broadband bundle, you would often pay less for phone and TV if combined in your broadband bill.

Furthermore, it means less bills to deal with and less installation hassles. You can save a lot of money this way, especially if you can be strategic about which service preferences you have, and explore the options available thoroughly.

In terms of your preferences, you should think about the different components of a bundle, and what suits you for each. For example, you might be someone who doesn’t use the phone much during work hours (so a plan tailored to off-peak phone usage would be better), or watch more downloaded content than TV (in which case you probably would not need as much in terms of TV channels, but would probably need a high-limit broadband allowance).

Some bundles even include mobile phone services (known as quadruple play), so you were thinking of switching provider you could make further savings.

If you can also get a good idea of your TV usage then further savings can be made, since most bundles that include TV will let you pick and choose from combinations of channel packs, tailored to sports or certain movie channels, for example.

And as mentioned above, the most important consideration is your broadband usage. The broadband speed and data limits are the two main factors here.

Depending on your priorities, there are different qualities you might look for in a provider, and this could narrow down your search for a good broadband bundle. For example, if watching sport is a priority, Sky could be the provider for your needs. If superfast broadband is your main interest, Virgin Media can offer speeds of up to 200Mbps. If unlimited calls are a priority, then you could choose between TalkTalk and BT. BT also offer good value across the board for TV and phone.