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1.7 million people without car insurance

Published: 30/09/2009 by Comments

A new report has revealed that 1.7 million motorists are uninsured on the roads. The findings of the Stay Insured report conducted by the Motor Insurance Bureau [MIB] showed that young people in particular are the main offenders.

The shocking figures, which equate to 5% of all UK drivers, show that motorists between the age of 21 - 29, made up more than a third of uninsured drivers. The investigation also uncovered more disturbing facts about the country’s drivers, with 8% admitting they had knowingly driven without insurance.

However, 60% believe that you are more likely to be caught if you drive without insurance, but under half said that committing the offence would cost you up to £1000 in fines. In fact, uninsured drivers will face far worse - their vehicles are automatically confiscated, they receive six points on their licence and a penalty of £200.

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