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10% of Mums break the law with Car Insurance

Published: 18/03/2010 by Comments

It’s not surprising that most parents would do nearly anything to protect their children, but it is shocking that 10% would break the law when it comes to their offspring’s car insurance, according to new research from Money Supermarket. Out of the 1,991 parents surveyed, one in 10 is flouting the law by insuring their child’s car in their name and listing their son or daughter as the second driver.

What’s perhaps most worrying is that 57% of the adults who participated in the investigation were fraudulently insuring the cars unknowingly, as they did not realise that ‘fronting’, as it is termed, is illegal. The findings also showed that mothers and those in London or the North-East of the country would be most likely to commit the offence.

Steve Sweeney, head of car insurance at Money Supermarket, described the findings as ‘staggering’.

“Fronting is illegal and will immediately be classified as fraud by an insurer.” He said. “Even worse, it is hugely worrying that so many drivers think it is either legal to front or simply don’t even know.”

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