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10GB Broadband receives funding boost

Published: 19/05/2009 by Comments

Researchers who are in the process of developing ultra-fast broadband speeds received a boost today, in the shape of £1million worth of funding from the Technology Strategy Board.

The company, which was established by the government to support UK businesses and innovation, has pledged to invest £100,000 for each project in a series of 13. The scheme will be focussing on broadband speeds of 10gb/s, with the eventual aim of developing an ultra-fast next-generation network across the European Union.

Should the plans be successful, it could increase download speeds and the usage of VOIP solutions. Leading technologist for the company, Mark Biddle explained the importance of the research.

“Our intention in providing this funding is to help British companies establish future European collaborations that will participate in larger EU funding initiatives.”

The new technology, which is being developed over the next ten years, could also be used as a tool to boost the economy in future years - furthering UK businesses.

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