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200% rise in mobile broadband speeds within 2 years

Published: 16/05/2011 by Comments

Mobiles will be able to browse the internet at three times the speeds they have right now. A 200% increase in broadband speeds is expected to happen in the next two years as 3G technologies will be overtaken by 4G ones. According to Ofcom, the “4G mobile technologies will be able to send more information than 3G, for a given amount of spectrum.”

UK is currently showing an increase in mobile traffic, and judging by the number of smartphones that leave the shelves, it will surely need better internet connections. Brits will want to have better streaming, a faster e-mail service and not to mention ‘instant’ messaging or logging on social networks.

4G will arrive in UK two years from now and will surely be welcome by everybody who likes to stay connected most of the time. The speeds will be close to what Brits experience today as ADSL speeds. The new generation of services will use the spectrum in a more efficient manner. A report shows that the 4G connections will use bands reaching from 800MHz to 2.6 GHz.

Stephen Unger from Ofcom said: “The research that we commissioned indicates that early 4G mobile networks with standard configurations will be 3.3 times (230%) more spectrally efficient than today’s standard 3G networks. To put this in context, a user on an early 4G network will be able to download a video in around a third of the time it takes today on a 3G network. It is anticipated that this efficiency will increase to approximately 5.5 times (450%) by 2020.”

Such an increase in efficiency in just a matter of 2 or 3 years is astonishing. The future holds only good news regarding mobile internet speeds. Mobile phone technology will work close to that of internet and communication and will evolve way beyond the 4G mark people hope to experience pretty soon. Data transfers are now popular than ever. O2 managed to reach transfer speeds of almost 60Mb/second during a test in Slough.

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