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25% of Brits would travel without insurance

Published: 25/05/2009 by Comments

With the credit crunch biting, it seems many of us are cutting corners when it comes to insurance in an effort to save a few pennies. According to the results of a new survey held by the Post Office, it seems that travel insurance is one of the first to go.

The research revealed that almost 25% of UK holidaymakers would consider going on holiday without any kind of travel insurance if it meant they could save money. As the summer season fast approaches, and consumers line up for last-minute bargains online, it’s also worth remembering that travel insurance needn’t be expensive.

Indeed, Post Office Travel Insurance has urged sun-loving Brits to shop around, as some companies offer great deals, including travel cover for under £10 per person, per trip.

Holidaymakers should also be warned that although they might save a little cash if they opt out of a travel insurance policy, if something should go wrong while they’re away they could find themselves saddled with dire financial consequences.

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