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250,000 young people drive without car insurance

Published: 01/09/2009 by Comments

One in five young motorists are driving without any insurance cover, a new investigation by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau has discovered. The organisation, which pays compensation to those injured in road accidents with uninsured drivers, found that [approx] 250,000 drivers in the 17-20 age band aren’t covered on the roads.

A shocking number of young motorists didn’t know that driving without insurance is actually a criminal offence. If you’re found to be driving without cover in the UK, even if you’ve not been involved in an accident, your vehicle can be seized and you could incur a hefty fine along with a minimum of six penalty points on your licence.

It seems that the high insurance costs are also a deciding factor when young people are looking at signing up for cover and the Chief Executive of MIB is keen to address this.

“While we recognise the financial pressures of young drivers taking to the roads for the first time, it is also a criminal offence to drive without proper cover. Young people make up a significant number of uninsured drivers and, with one in five newly qualified drivers having an accident in their first year on the road, they need to be making choices based on the consequences of driving without insurance, and not just price alone.”

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