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3.8 million missing pets according to Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance

Published: 14/05/2009 by Comments

Shocking new research has shown that 12% of cat owners have had their pet go missing, with 4% of dog owners suffering the same fate. A survey held by Sainsbury’s Finance has revealed that 3.8million Brits have experienced the loss of a pet in the last five years.

With figures like these, it’s important that pet owners sit up and take note. Insuring your pet with Sainsbury’s Finance will provide you with £1000 towards advertising costs should your pet go missing. The company also offers £750 if owners do not find their pet.

Pet Insurance Manager for Sainsbury’s, Lucy Hunter, pointed out that this isn’t always the case. “It’s worth noting that not all pet insurance policies recognise the importance of providing support in the form of advertising or reward benefits to owners who have lost their pet.”

Out of all the pet owners surveyed, 6% of those who had lost a pet were convinced that their animal had been stolen, while 14% believed it quite likely.

The research also revealed that only 55% of pet owners in this situation saw their animals alive again, with 32% lucky enough to have their furry friend returned and a tragic 14% who found their pets dead.

With the credit crunch biting, it is believed that many animals are being taken by professional thieves, only to be resold on later - sometimes back to their original owners for a hefty ransom. Valuable pets such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Jack Russells, Border Collies and Bengal cats are most at risk of being stolen.

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