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35% off Tesco Pet Insurance

Published: 28/05/2009 by Comments

For those looking to save pennies, Tesco is offering a huge 35% discount on pet insurance policies that are taken out by new customers online.

Recent research has shown that UK animal-lovers consider their pet to be part of the family - so it’s understandable that they want to keep them protected and ensure that they have adequate cover should a medical emergency arise.

Tesco conducted a survey which revealed that three quarters of women talk to their pets as though they were a person, while a third would actually prefer the company of their pet over people! The investigation into our relationships with our animals also found out that on the whole, women are more attached to their pets than men - especially since a third of women would consider their pet to be their best friend!

However, looking after a pet is no small undertaking - in fact it’s a huge commitment. Despite the recession, it’s important to ensure your pet has insurance otherwise the costs could soon mount up. It doesn’t need to be expensive though, shopping around can uncover a number of great deals like this latest discount from Tesco.

Rachel Cutler, head of Tesco Pet Insurance, explained that having a pet is a very ‘rewarding’ experience. “Many people consider their dog or cat to be part of the family. We understand that it can be a costly experience too. To enable pet owners to manage the cost of their pet insurance, our policies start from £4.50 a month for cats and £8 for dogs.”

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