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3D TV on-demand service launched by Samsung

Published: 18/05/2011 by Comments

Samsung launched a 3D TV service which only digital TV sets that support 3D functions will be able to run. The service is accessible on the internet and includes little content but Samsung will be able to add more during the next months of the year. Users can now watch trailers of a number of 3D films and other documentaries pertaining to lifestyle or the automotive industry.

Andy Griffiths, who is the company’s vice president here in the United Kingdom, revealed to The Telegraph the fact that Samsung is not a broadcaster and will not go for creating its own shows and media, so the rare 3D content must be dealt by the consumer just the way it is.

According to vice president Griffiths, Samsung will continue to grow the number of shows and movies which will make 3D channels more popular. He said: “The demand for 3D is growing rapidly, but only a handful of channels are providing content. Samsung has led the 3D LED TV market since it launched last year, and the roll-out of our 3D video-on-demand service demonstrates our commitment to accelerating its growth.”

Samsung plans to grow and develop apps and services just like the BBC does with its iPlayer. Its 3D VOD is first and foremost compatible with the companies own TV sets which support 3D. This will also improve the number of sales made as well as other 3D platforms for TV sets.

The plans are to also increase the number of movies to about 70 by the end of this year. Mr. Griffiths believes that more and more people will want the access the service as long as they buy new TV sets and wish to watch movies in better detail.

“We believe that in the near future every viewer will have access to 3D content in the comfort of their own living room through a Smart TV. We will therefore continue to develop our Smart TV offering in order to provide consumers with the best viewing experience possible,” continued Mr. Griffiths. Samsung seriously wants to continue the development process and ensure newer and better content for their consumers. The 3D business is going strong at the moment so Brits will want a Samsung TV set, a Samsung 3D service, and of course, a better broadband connection.

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