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53% of UK Drivers Can’t Afford Breakdown Cover

Published: 05/05/2009 by Comments

With UK families really starting to feel the impact of the credit crunch, new statistics have shown that British motorists can’t actually afford to break down on the roads.

A report by leading insurance specialist Warranty Direct has revealed that 53% of UK drivers would find it difficult to pay break down costs. The average repair bill has hit £300, so it’s perhaps no surprise that motorists are worried about the financial impact of suffering a break down on the road. As Brits tighten their belts, many agreed that should their car break down, they would have to leave it off the road and rely on public transport instead.

Unfortunately, as motorists tighten their belts to weather the recession, many are opting out of regular services for their vehicles, actually increasing the chance of breaking down.
Duncan McClure Fisher, a spokesman for the company, explained that avoiding regular services may seem like a money saving option, but can lead to long term car problems.

“In the short term you might save a bit of cash by not servicing your car but eventually it is going to need work doing on it,” he explained.

The survey, which questioned 3000 car owners, also revealed just how much of a necessity our vehicles have become. A massive 72% people said they couldn’t live without their cars.

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