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£7.8 million to be invested in superfast broadband for Hampshire

Published: 16/01/2017 by Comments

£7.8 million to be invested in superfast broadband for Hampshire

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband project – an initiative set to invest £7.8 million into the areas local infrastructure – is about to commence its plan to bring higher broadband speeds to much of the area.

The scheme is being run jointly by Hampshire County Council, local investors and providers and has plans to connect 10,000 additional homes and businesses to faster internet speeds in the upcoming development phase.

Two sections of the project have now been completed, with the first successful phase connecting as many as 59,500 properties the second phase, which is in process, connecting a further 43,000 homes to date – with this number expected to reach 45,000 shortly.

Superfast reached approximately 80% of the population of Hampshire before the new scheme, but that figure now exceeds 90% and it is hoped that the next three years will see a further rise – to 94%.

Councillor Roy Perry states:

“We are committed to leaving no one behind… We recognise that this infrastructure is crucial for the future prosperity of the county which is why we’re continuing to invest in this technology with our partners to support the local economy, help pupils with education and homework, and reduce social isolation by making it easier for people to communicate online.”

He went on to say that what follows is to approach local enterprise partnerships and garner more investments so the project can continue to grow.

British Telecom, a central player in the rollout of the scheme, is happy with the recent announcement.  Stacey King, Regional Partnership Director Stacey King said: “Working with Hampshire County Council, we are able to bring high-speed fibre broadband to locations where the economics and engineering are more challenging. High-speed fibre broadband is increasingly important and this is a great opportunity.”

If you would like information about the project, or how your property may be able to access fibre, please go to the following webpage at: Hampshire Superfast Broadband.

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