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90% of Brits will have high-speed broadband by 2015

Published: 16/05/2011 by Comments

According to Mr. Hunt, the entire UK will benefit from 2 Mb/s speeds by the end of 2015. Almost 90% of dwellings and businesses will have superfast broadband connections reaching speeds of 25Mb/s or even more. He shed some light about what will happen in the close future at a conference in London: “If we press ahead with expansion of superfast capabilities, then we can put the UK in the global fast lane.”

The Government is even more optimistic to believe that Britain will get to have the fastest broadband network in Europe by the year 2015. One third of the country will still require help while the other two thirds will already be enjoying super fast speeds.

A sum of £530 million can be tapped in by councils in order to participate in the country’s objective to extend the broadband area.

“We have set aside the money and the expertise to make this happen. Now local authorities need to step up to the plate by bringing forward their own plans and setting out how they will deliver this level of ambition,” added Mr. Hunt.

People don’t believe that this is achievable yet and show circumspection towards the project. One of the pessimists is Alex Buttle, who is the director of He questions if this will be made possible in the short amount of time given. Buttle points out the fact that broadband speed is prone to vary across the UK and this instability can cause delays. According to Alex Buttle there are only 9.6% of all speeds tests showing a download speed of more than 20Mbps.

8 million Brits are not connected to the internet either because they have a limited access or they are completely uninterested in acquiring an internet connection. The Government will try to get people use the internet more often or guide them while using it for the first time in their lives.

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