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AA Car Insurance - Be Aware of Potholes

Published: 26/01/2011 by Comments

Motorists in UK advised to be on the Lookout for Potholes - Most of the car insurance Claims that are Filed for Pothole Damages Occur between January and March.

Because of a string of extremely bad winters in the past three years and a growing list of needed road repairs, car insurance companies in the UK are warning motorists to be careful on the roadways with respect to pothole damage.

Claims are typically made for any pothole damage to the sills, wings, wheels or suspension of the automobile. Car insurance filings for pothole damage, too, are seemingly on the rise as triple the claims were filed in 2010, during the winter season, than were made at the same time in 2009. The Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas, indicated that staff members at the insurance company were preparing for an onslaught of claimants this year.

Excessively low temperatures and precipitation usually are the two primary reasons that pot holes form. The precipitate seeps under asphalt and causes it to expand as the temperatures go below the freezing mark. The road then starts to break apart and potholes result. Motorists should also be aware of icy road conditions that can also cause accidents and a rise in claims too.

Taking into consideration that damage from potholes in and of itself cost insurers over 10 million GBP last year, motorists should make it a priority to practice the utmost in safety when driving the roadways in the winter months. In fact, states that there were over 17,000 reports of potholes in the UK in 2010. Added to that, many pothole problems are never reported.

To remain on the safe side, it’s best to drive in the North East Somerset and Bath areas as 99% of potholes were reportedly repaired in those sections of the country last year. Stay away from Galloway or Dumfries though as only a fraction (9 potholes to be exact) were repaired out of the 220-plus potholes that have been reported. The most sizable claim filed in 2010 with respect to pothole damage cost over 14,000 GBP. In that claim, the insured lost control of his vehicle and crashed after hitting one of those insidious faults in the roadway.

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