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AA Pet Insurance reveal popular pet names

Published: 09/07/2010 by Comments

So what is the most name for a pet cat or a dog?

According to a survey of 16,000 animals that are covered by AA pet insurance policies, for the second year running, the most common name for our furry, four-legged friend is Molly. Poppy was also high on the list, as was Millie and Charlie. There was also the Rooney’s and the Defoe’s, but those have perhaps lost some of their popularity in the aftermath of South Africa. Also popular were namesakes of alcoholic drinks, including Guinness and Merlot.

Joanne Guillan, head of AA’s pet insurance portfolio, said that despite all the love and adoration owners dole out on their pets, it is important not lose sight of the fact that the pets are “just as prone to accidents and illness as we humans”, and need to be take care of properly.

Pointing out the fact that the domain of NHS does not extend into the canine and feline kingdoms, she stressed the importance of having a good insurance policy for pets.

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