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Airlines criticised for breaking rules on travel insurance

Published: 02/07/2009 by Comments

A report by Which? Magazine has criticised four low budget airlines who automatically charge online customers for travel insurance when they purchase tickets on the web.

EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch and Air Berlin are the four airlines that have been named and shamed, as Which? has revealed that they are flouting EU rule which was introduced in November 2008, that state extras cannot be added automatically during the booking process.

Despite this, the four airlines have not changed the automatic travel insurance add-on when customers book online. These can range from £7 up to £10.49 per passenger per flight. Passengers are also subject to automatic cancellation insurance for flights returning on the same day too.

Although customers are given the chance to opt out by unticking a box, this doesn’t follow the EU legislation. Added to this, Which? Also revealed that Easyjet was the only airline which actually meets the minimum travel insurance cover criteria.

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