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Almost 250,000 super fast broadband lines in the UK

Published: 15/04/2011 by Comments

Research made by Point Topic revealed that more than 250,000 homes will be known to have a broadband connection of no less than 25Mbps. BT and Virgin Media are beginning to collect the laurels of their struggle to provide high-speed broadband across the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media is the true colossus of super-fast broadband connections so far. Only last month there were 146,000 homes that were connected to their internet services, a serious rise in customers since December 2010 when there were only 118,000.

BT comes close in second with 86,000 packages in March. The company also showed an increase in customers of about 32,000 since last year.

The Alternative networks have only managed to supply their high-speed internet services to about 4,000 customers. By summing up all the super-fast broadband connections from all the providers, Britain got to be the proud ‘owner’ of 236,000 lines.

Tim Johnson, who is the chief analyst at Point Topic appears to have his hopes up concerning the future of high-speed broadband connections. He believes that although the total number of these connections represents just 1% of all of UK’s homes, high-speed internet will adhere to the same history the first internet services shared over a decade ago. Mr. Johnson strongly believes that high-speed broadband will settle even faster than previously presumed. He said: “It’s dangerous just to assume that history will repeat itself, but it’s still a good pointer to what will happen to super-fast broadband in this decade.”

The same research concluded that 3,700 homes had FTTH connections by the end of last year, which means there are almost 4, 000 Brits who now enjoy download speeds that can reach 100 Mbps.

Ofcom did requested BT to cut down the price for their competition in Britain’s rural area. This will also lead to an increase in bandwidth, thus faster internet speeds.

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