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Amazon Echo accidentally places order after listening in to television show

Published: 10/01/2017 by Comments

Amazon Echo accidentally places order after listening in to television show

A security warning has been issued to owners of the Amazon Echo as it ordered the dolls houses that were being reviewed on a television programme.

The Amazon echo is one of the latest trends in technology, with exceptionally high sales over the 2016 Christmas period.

Alexa, also known as the Amazon echo is a virtual assistant; she is responsible for doing things such as purchasing products online after hearing a command from her owner’s voice. As exciting as it is, a recent incident has highlighted a major vulnerability which has cost its owners a fair amount of money.

A TV station in San Diego was flooded with complaints after a girl on the programme ordered a dolls house seen on TV using her parent’s device. This then caused other Amazon Echo’s in the homes of those watching the same programme to do the same.

The device had mistaken what was being discussed on the show as a command to make an order.

The show illustrated a six year old asking the family’s Amazon Echo to get her a dolls house. After the parents realised what had taken place, they added a feature that requires users to enter a purchase code. When the doll house arrived it was donated to their local children’s hospital.

All other viewers watching the show with an Alexa gadget also experienced the same malfunction.

Experts have stated that this unfortunate incident has highlighted the need to use a password to protect their devices.

Security expert for Kaspersky Labs David Emm said that an increasing number of criminals are targeting such devices and hacking into accounts and stealing.

A spokesperson for Amazon stated: “Customers can manage their shopping settings by using the Alexa app to turn off voice purchasing, or to add a confirmation code before confirming their order.

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