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An increase in demand for high speed home and business broadband in Dorset

Published: 05/01/2017 by Comments

An increase in demand for high speed home and business broadband in Dorset

Homes and businesses in the Dorset area are opting for high speed internet with twice as many getting connected over the last year. Beaminister’s Fleet Street is the latest area to join the growing trend.

Residents are signing up at record numbers as Superfast Dorset takes the area by storm. According to figures released by the multimillion dollar partnership, over 30 per cent are registered with their fibre broadband package. This is a drastic increase in comparison to the 13 per cent that were signed up a year ago.

Superfast Dorset are expanding their customer base by providing their services to areas that do not fall under the private sector’s high speed technology roll out.

The partnership between BT, the government and Dorset councils has enabled superfast broad band connection in 90 per cent of the buildings across the county.

One of the most recent areas to benefit is Long Bredy, and in the Beaminister region the fibre cabinet is now complete.

Businesses and residents are now eligible to connect to a superfast broadband service. However, not all service providers offer fibre broadband. One such company is TalkTalk; they don’t provide it in Beaminister.

Colin Jamieson, a cabinet member for Dorset County says: “People are very satisfied with the new service and they are finding it easy to make the transition.”
BT’s regional manager for the South West Paul Coles says: “The Superfast team are doing a fantastic job raising awareness about the benefits of high speed broad band in the Dorset area.

“Things are done much more efficiently with fibre broadband whether at home or in a business setting.

“Residents need to bear in mind that business and local households will need to arrange the upgrade with their service provider in order to get the high speeds”
Fibre broadband is much more efficient than standard broadband and it provides a considerably faster download speed.

BT’s local network business Openreach will be carrying out all engineering work for Superfast Dorset.

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