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Anonymous hacker takes down dark web hosting provider Freedom Hosting II

Published: 07/02/2017 by Comments

Freedom Hosting II is renowned for maintaining thousands of websites that users can access through the Tor Browser; the “Dark Web” is basically the encrypted network making up the Tor browsers and servers. However, the server was not in operation on Friday, instead when users attempted to log onto the site, they were greeted with a message stating that the site had been hacked.

The anonymous hacker is on a mission to prove that the sites that believe they can’t be violated are wrong! And he is doing so by posting information that he took from these sites on the internet and exposing the users.

Despite the fact that its anonymous operator claimed not to tolerate immoral contact, it has been revealed that they were hosting child pornography sites. According to the hacker, who has chosen not to reveal his identity, more than 50% of what was found on the server is related to child pornography.  They also run several scam sites.

In an email, the hacker expressed why he had chosen to take such measures. He stated: “I randomly happened to stumble across an article talking about a popular hack that hosting providers had been exposed to some years back, and so being a hacker myself I decided to try it to see if it would work, and it did.”

When the hacker realised that the site was hosting child pornography, he infiltrated the server and changed their main password. He stated: “Once I found out what they were hosting, I wanted to take them out.”

A UK based cybercrime researcher Chris Monteiro has been analysing the information and he says that it is real. He states: “The leaked data also includes client information and so there is a great possibility that anyone who was using the site especially for illegal activity will be exposed.”

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