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Apple cutting iPhone 4 orders to make way for iPhone 5/4s

Published: 21/05/2011 by Comments

Apple’s new product appears to be closer to a release than ever before. The company’s iPhone 4 stocks are getting significantly lower and that puts a whole lot of pressure on its sales.

According to Digitimes, a blog which revealed information regarding Apple’s severe stock shortage explains that the company ‘lost’ about 2 million units. The new product is to be called the iPhone 4S and will be showcased on June 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Digitimes is confident and backs up its claims concerning the iPhone 5’s rushed arrival. The blog’s sources say that Apple will begin to produce the new smartphone in August instead of September. Its sources also mention the fact that “the rear camera will be upgraded to an 8MP resolution model.”

Apple seems to be caught off guard twice in a row, after the parts crisis which was caused by the earthquake in Japan. This time the problem comes from inside the company and looks more serious.

Phones4u mentioned a few days ago that “the iPhone 5 has been delayed until November” after it encounter a software problem. The retailer also added that “Apple had a software issue with the handset so they are still waiting to fix that up so it will be November when it is coming out.”

Hopefully there won’t be any issues regarding the quality of the smartphone as Apple is known to deliver qualitative products and is oftentimes careful with the production process. As this appears to be a ‘rush job’ from Apple, this image is not far from cutting a turn for the worse.

The iPhone 4S will have an A5 dual core processor and an interior overhaul. It will look relatively the same when compared to its previous version but Apple strongly supports the idea that the new device got a lot more than simple tech cosmetics.

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