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Apple iPad 3 latest developments on features and release date

Published: 07/01/2017 by Comments

Apple iPad 3 latest developments on features and release date

Fans of Apple devices are keenly waiting for new releases to include the iPhone 8 and much anticipated Apple iPad 3.  September and October 2016 saw the company release the iPhone 7 series as well as the MacBook but it seems that as yet the Apple iPad 3 does not appear on the refreshing list.

The Apple iPad 3, dubbed a cutting edge and impressive gadget, has been described as the ‘next generation tablet’ following on from the Apple iPad 2.  Apple is in the process of developing its anniversary flagship products and potential buyers are hoping for the best in terms of innovation.  It is unclear however whether Apple iPad 3 will be on the list.

iPad 3 Features and Specs

The new device will include a 9.7 inch 4K display and A10 processor.  It will boast a slim-line finish at 5 millimetres thick – giving a sleek and impressive appearance.  Reports of a potential dual camera similar to the iPhone 7 have been circulating.  An 8 megapixel primary camera and 2.1 megapixel front facing camera will be incorporated in the design, which also comes with an improved LED flashlight to enhance images. Aside from sharp resolution it will include a 4GB RAM and larger battery to extend usage time.

iPad 3 Anticipated Date of Release - March 2017

The new iPad is speculated to include 3D touch technology similar to the iPhone 7 and it is thought that Apple is developing a version which will improve user experience.  The device also plans to do away with the headphone jack and incorporate a fingerprint sensor. 

Newly leaked images of the device also show that it may be waterproof with four speakers in total – placed at the top and bottom of the device.  The new iPad will be available in rose gold and jet black.

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