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Apple iPhone 8 ahead of schedule with potential June 2017 launch

Published: 08/02/2017 by Comments

Apple will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary for their iPhone range in a matter of months. Reports claim that they will be planning something spectacular which will accompany the release of the iPhone 8.

The phone was set to hit the stores in September; however, inside information has revealed that there is a possibility of an early release so that Apple can meet the high demands of the new device. The launch could be as early as June of this year.

The BlueFin research firm claim production activity is due to begin earlier than historic norms. They also stated: “We have not uncovered any information in regards to the release of the iPhone 8/X.

The BlueFin report stated that they are expecting a 300 percent increase in production rates for the iPhone 8/X production.  The report also mentioned that Apple has raised expected sales from 45m to 48m. This has led to the reduction iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S productions and any older models that are still in producitoion so that they can concentrate on the iPhone 8.

Apple has inititated early production not only to ensure that they meet the demands on the day the phone is unveiled but also so that they can rectify any technical issues that the phone may have well in advance.

The report has also suggested, that although the production date has changed, the release date will remain the same.

Customers should expect significant changes to the iPhone 8. Apple claims it will have an enhanced 3D touch functionality, an OLED wraparound display as well as an all glass body. These are just a few of the new features, Apple hopes to surprise its customers with the rest.

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