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Apple iPhone 8 leaks: Wireless charging / Dual camera image stabilisation rumours

Published: 23/11/2016 by Comments

Apple iPhone 8 leaks: Wireless charging / Dual camera image stabilisation rumours

To follow the trend of more recent Apple iPhone launches, the next iteration of the world’s most popular smart phone, the iPhone 8 is set to release in September 2017 with a major new approach to its design. Based on the little information we know already, highlights would include an edge-to-edge OLED display, with a front-facing camera. The physical Home button it looking to be removed and instead utilise a Touch ID fingerprint sensor within the actual screen.

Shifting from its usual aluminium metal chassis design we’ve seen in previous iPhone releases, the iPhone 8 is rumoured to be using a glass or at least predominantly glass for the phones housing. Amongst these rumoured specifications, the latest iPhone 8 features are set to include:

Photography improvements: Dual Optical Image Stabilisation
MacRumours was able to obtain a research note from a reputable analyst at KGI Securities, named Ming-Chi Kuo. He went on to mention that the new dual-camera iPhone models will also be capable of dual optical image stabilisation (OIS) and be released in three different models:

iPhone 8 - Curved 5.8 Inch OLED model (dual camera with OIS)
iPhone 8 - TFT-LCD 5.5 inch (dual camera with OIS)
iPhone 8 - TFT-LCD 4.7 inch (dual camera)

Apple is rumoured to be upgrading it’s telephoto lens capabilities for optical zoom, which should be ready to be integrated in time for the iPhone 8 release in September 2017.

From the MacRumours research note, Kuo said:

“We believe Apple will add OIS function to the telephoto CCM in order to enhance the selling points of next year’s new iPhone. We think photo quality and optical zoom range may both improve as a result. We expect the telephoto lens will be redesigned to support OIS in the telephoto CCM, with challenges likely coming from: (1) the need to increase the image circle of the telephoto lens, which will lead to longer calibration time and a more complex assembly processes; and (2) a redesign of the telephoto lens, as an increased image circle will result in degraded photo quality around the corners,”

Wireless Charging
The iPhone 8 is rumoured to be utilising an in-built receiver, enabling the phone to take advantage of wireless charging. The transmitter will allow you to fully charge your iPhone 8 from distances up to 15 feet away, negating the need to routinely plug your phone into the mains each day, if you work in close proximity to the charger. 


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