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Apple MacBook Pro users urged to upgrade to latest OS over security concerns

Published: 28/01/2017 by Comments

Apple MacBook Pro users urged to upgrade to latest OS over security concerns

The Apple MacBook has been updated and Apple is encouraging customers to get an upgrade for enhanced security and stability.

Anytime new software is released, Apple has always recommended that their users update their computers to ensure its security; the latest addition to the Macbook family is the Mac Pro.

The MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 includes several new features:
• Graphics switching has been improved
• Graphics issues are resolved while encoding
• Fixes all issues related to scanned PDF documents
• Fixes all issues related to importing digital camera images

The new Mac Pro will also resolve issues with battery life that many users have reported experiencing.

This new laptop was released at the end of last year and includes a brighter display, a new design, and an interactive touch bar that conforms to the application on the screen.

Despite the fact that Apple’s MacBook range was updated in 2016, the iMac computers have yet to be improved.

It was rumoured that Apple would be unveiling a new desktop during its October keynote. However, hearsay suggests that an update will be made available later on in the year. Apparently, there are also plans for a new iPad range.

Sources state that the new iPad is expected to have a 10.9 inch screen, to make space for the larger display, Apple will be reducing the bezels to the size of super thin strips around the screen.

Apple is continuously working to improve its products, they not only want their customers to have the best user friendly experience, with the continuous advances in cybercrime they also want their customers to feel that their information is secure with Apple products. This is one of the reasons as to why the enhanced security feature of the Macpro is being promoted so heavily.

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