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Apple offers free bumper cases to iPhone 4 customers

Published: 28/07/2010 by Comments

Apple has come up with a solution for the antenna problem for the iPhone 4 users of UK.

It has recently sent out mass emails to all of registered iPhone 4 users of UK offering either a free bumper or case that fixes the antenna attenuation issue, or a refund for those who have already bought the bumper case.

Those looking to order the bumper case will have to download the iPhone 4 Case Program from the iStore. The software allows users to log on to their iTunes account and choose from a variety of cases, including the black version of Apple’s official cover.

However, although there are a good variety of free cases available from the likes of Incase, Belkin and Griffin, consumers who would like to get their hands on the coloured bumpers will be disappointed if they expect them to be free.

Customers are also in for a wait, with the Apple listing three to five weeks for most deliveries, or even six to eight weeks in some cases.

The refund process is slightly more complicated, with different options based on factors, such as where and how you bought the case or bumper.

Be warned however that Apple is only handing out free iPhone 4 cases until September 30. After the deadline, iPhone 4 owners will have to fork out an additional fee to get their antennae fixed.

Apple is also offering the refund option for those who have already bought the iPhone 4 bumper case. Purchases through credit/debit card will have already been refunded. For purchases through cash, cheque or gift vouchers from an Apple Retail Store, customers will have to return to the store with valid receipts. Customer who bought the product from the Apple online store via cheque or wire transfer will be contacted and asked for their bank information for the refund.

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