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Apple on track for $1 trillion in profits thanks to it’s iOS related products

Published: 14/01/2017 by Comments

Apple on track for $1 trillion in profits thanks to it’s iOS related products

Apples IOS sales are set to hit the $1 trillion mark since their devices were introduced in 2007.

Products such as the iPad and iPhone are on track to meet a colossal milestone this year according to Horace Dediu Analyst for Asymco.

He has dubbed the iPhone “the most ingenious invention of all time,” combined with the iPod Touch, Apple TV, and the iPad, they are set to make a total profit of $980 billion by the middle of 2017. This will be the iPhones 10th anniversary. Add another $100 billion from iOS profits and Apple will have made more than one trillion dollars!

On January 9, 2017, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, so this news was just another bonus to add to the celebration.

Working out exactly how much profit Apple has generated from its products is difficult because Apple doesn’t release revenue figures on all of its products.

For example, the figures for its Apple Watch products have never been announced. Therefore working out any profit would be a based on a calculated guess. It is also well known that Apple keeps some of its sales figures on their software products concealed. At the beginning of the year, Apple announced that they have paid a total of $60 billion to developers since it launched its App Store in 2008, but they failed to mention their total revenue.

The trillion dollar profit does not include revenue from products such as MacBooks, Apple Mac desktops and their many accessories.

Considering the fact that Apple has consistently announced revenue figures for iPad and iPhone, and since this information is coming first hand from the company itself, you can trust that the data is reliable. However, no one knows exactly how much the corporate giant is actually worth.

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