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Audi owners face lower insurance premiums

Published: 25/05/2010 by Comments

It appears that Audi owners are likely to face lower car insurance premiums than the owner of rival brands from the German premium automobile sector.

Based on analysis conducted on data released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the organization that represents the insurance industry in the UK, Audi vehicles have significantly lower average premium ratings than its competitors.

Data from the ABI group ratings database was used to calculate the average motor insurance group ratings for Audi models and their counterparts from competing manufacturers. The database rates cars based on a system which allocates penalty points to each vehicle taking into consideration a number of different factors. These include the original purchase price of a car, replacement cost of its primary parts, ease and cost of repairs, and the results of an independent crash test conducted by Research Council for Automobile Repairs.

Cars with higher prices for outright purchase, parts replaces or labor, and with more costly or labour intensive crash repair, will receive higher penalty points tally, and as a result high insurance premium ratings.

ABI’s ratings database is updated monthly, and includes all trim levels, variants, body styles and engine types.

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