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Average mobile broadband speed 0.9Mbits/sec

Published: 24/06/2009 by Comments

New tests have showed that the average mobile broadband speed comes in at 0.9Mbits/sec. The latest research was taken from over 1.4million tests that were conducted by broadband benchmarking company Epitiro.

The company used 1,300 testing agents for the investigations, with participants discovering that they received 24% of the maximum speeds advertised. The investigation revealed that the fasted speeds reached during the research was [an average of] 1.8Mbits/sec. This actually comes in below the recommended 2Mbits/sec universal broadband speed.

No doubt many mobile web users won’t be surprised with the findings that speeds dropped by up to 20% in peak hours - namely between 6pm and midnight.

Despite the negative results, upload speeds fared slightly better. The average mobile upload speed was found to be 270kbs. Other features researched were ping times at 150ms, web browsing which was over 30% slower than on fixed ADSL and data loss, which affects applications such as mobile games, which came out as a 0.67% average.

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