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Aviva Car & Home Insurance sales soar

Published: 20/05/2011 by Comments

Aviva is doing better than it expected for the current period as both motor and household insurance gathered £1 billion in sales.

The insurance company said that people went mostly for the general insurance and that alone maintained a quarterly growth and five registered reports backing it up. According to David Barral, who is Aviva’s commercial director, the time couldn’t be better for the company. He said: “We’re showing real momentum in general insurance which is very strong and pleasing for us. People still have to spend money on their motor and household insurance.”

More than two million motorists currently benefit from Aviva’s services, and the number is still going up. Almost 580,000 new customers were added to the “family” since 2010, and another 180,000 coming from brokers.

Advertisements were also the cause of Aviva’s huge success, and this effective way of promoting insurance offers was successful thanks to actors Paul Whitehouse, who was part of the advertising campaign, and Harry Enfield, who is a comedian. “They’ve been hugely popular and helped to drive understanding of Aviva,” explains Mr. Barral.

The level of advertisement aided Aviva to the point where it managed to get customers mainly because of the level of familiarity that increased gradually. People got to trust the brand and its services in a short amount of time. This made Aviva peak its earnings at 58% in the first quarter, which is better than last year’s 54%.

Covers will also increase at Aviva. The company already increased its personal motor cover by 24% as well as its motor premiums by another 10% and homeowner products by 6. Numbers are well up in the charts at Aviva and will remain there for a long time if the company manages to continue its evolution by keeping costs low and offering qualitative services.

The group operates in almost 30 countries and currently focuses on Europe even though the continent just emerged from an economic crisis.

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