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AXA Insurance advises on car breakdown and crash cover

Published: 22/07/2010 by Comments

At a time when car insurance premiums are at a record high, motorists will be well-advised to take some precautions before they get on the road for their summer holidays.

Insurers AXA has expressed its concern that many car owners do no have the necessary safeguards in place to minimize the risk of breaks downs, crashes or getting lost.

Statistics published by AXA shows that 10% of the holidaymakers face minor mishaps on the road to or from a UK holiday destination, and that mishap is most likely to occur - statistically - on a Friday.

Tiredness is cited by almost 20% of the motorists as the cause of the accident. Many also blame unknown roads and in-car distractions.

A spokesman for AXA Car Insurance, Craig Staniland, said that the company advises people travelling by road for the holiday period “to take every care to prepare properly and drive safely.”

The insurance company suggests drivers to buy breakdown cover and ensure that their vehicles are going working condition. It said that only 54% of those going off on their holiday test their oil and water levels, and less than half check their tyre pressures.

The AA, an insurer firm, suggests checking tyre pressures twice a month, as deflated tyres can contribute to wear and tear, high fuel consumption and poor braking performance.

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