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Boy Racers warned about car insurance costs

Published: 02/06/2009 by Comments

Boy racers beware, as recent research by uSwitch revealed that adding all those fashionable extras to your vehicle can send your car insurance premium rocketing sky high.

Additional features such as side skirts, tinted windows, exhaust changes and flared wheel arches and wings, which are particularly popular with younger drivers, can bump up insurance costs by over £6,000.

For those tempted to opt for the sporty version of their chosen car, it’s worth taking note that this move alone can double insurance costs. In some cases, the insurance costs up to 220% of the value of the car.

With young people being accountable for 34% of dangerous driving offences on the road, perhaps it’s no surprise that young drivers cover 32% of the UK’s yearly insurance bill.

It’s recommended that youngsters looking to insure their cars shop around, using our car insurance comparison page to find a good deal.

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