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Breakdown Cover from Co-Op tailored to individual needs

Published: 20/05/2010 by Comments

Co-operative Insurance has recently launched four new car breakdown insurance packages in association with AXA Assistance. The packages: Roadside, Recovery, Recovery & Homestart and European are being launched at the start of a season during which Co-Op expects car breakdowns to be at a record high.

Company sources claim that the four packages are being offered at very competitive prices. Year-round insurance cover starts at £24.99 and a single trip European cover can cost as little as £15.50. Co-Op’s single month cover options are well-suited for foreign trips.

The range of coverage is also up to the customer to decide. Packages can include the customers themselves, the vehicle, joint insurance policyholders or the entire family. Co-Op’s average response time is 38 minutes, and they offer to pay £10 if they cannot respond in less than an hour. According to Co-Op, there will be no excesses on claims, and 80 per cent of vehicles will be repaired at the roadside.

Business Leader of The Co-operative Insurance David Neave said that, in a market where other breakdown insurance providers are operating at low spare capacity, assistance provided by Co-Op’s new insurance packages will be both swift and affordable.

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