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British broadband superior to the US

Published: 25/07/2010 by Comments

When it comes to broadband services, it seems that the British has one over the US.

According to a recently published data by Strategy Analytics, a company specialising in market research, UK ranks higher then the US in the firm’s Broadband Composite Index for this year.

However, the study also shows that both major powers lag considerably behind some of the other European and Asian nations. In fact, being ranked 22 and 23 respectively, the UK and the US have some way to go before they can even consider challenging the top ten.

The study, which included 57 countries around the world, gauges broadband development based on five criteria: household penetration, speed, affordability, value for money and urbanicity.

Director of the Strategy Analytics Multiplay Market Dynamics service and author of the report, Ben Piper, said that with the “traditional single metric” approach of looking at broadband services becoming increasingly less relevant, the Broadband Composite Index ensures a “more balanced and robust view of broadband development”.

“We feel confident that our multifactor index is a superior indicator of a country’s relative broadband advancement,” said Piper.

The top five broadband nations according to the index are South Korea, Hong Kong, Holland, Lithuania and Japan, in descending order. France (12th) and Germany (15th) are two of the other European nations that offer superior broadband services compared to the UK.

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