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Broadband providers such as Virgin Media and Sky have increased prices by 50%

Published: 10/02/2017 by Comments

Broadband providers such as Virgin Media and Sky have increased prices by 50%

Broadband companies such as Sky, BT and Virgin have all put their prices up by more than 50 percent over the last few years. However, it is possible to keep your bill at a reasonable rate.

Homes in the UK now find it difficult to operate efficiently without having a broadband connection.

Services such as Netflix and certain gadgets that require internet connection are growing in popularity which has increased dependence on broadband services.

According to recent figures, homes are now paying almost 38 percent more for broadband and 50 percent more for a land line connection than in previous years.
Research conducted by uSwitch has revealed that customers are now paying £58 more than they were in 2011.

Sky customers are paying 42 percent more and Virgin customer’s 29 percent more. The customers with the biggest price increase was Plusnet who are paying 50 percent more in connection fees.

In regards to the price increase, a spokesman for Sky said: “Line rental costs are not only for the physical line for the customer, but also so that we can continue to invest in our network. We want to provide the best services to our customers and we need capital to be able to do so.”

“For customers who only have a landline, the prices are going to remain the same.”

Virgin Media also responded to price increase by stating: “We understand that no one enjoys having to fork out extra money; however, our aim is that we continue to provide a superior service to our customers and it is essential that we are able to make substantial financial investments to do so.

Uswitch expert Ewan Taylor-Gibson states: “It is unfair to expect customers to keep paying these prices. What the majority of people are unaware of is that there is a loophole available that gives you the right to end your contract and move to a new cheaper provider when prices are increased. You can do so without being incurring any penalties.”

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