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Broadband Speeds - Are you missing out?

Published: 01/08/2009 by Comments

Media regulator Ofcom has revealed that advertised internet speeds are not being physically achieved by the internet service providers who offer them. Even more worryingly, some consumers are struggling to achieve more than 2megabits per second, the standard speed laid down by the government to ensure everyone has broadband access.

Many broadband providers market their internet services by advertising fast connection speeds of up to 8megabits per second. However, the investigation by Ofcom has shown that 45% of consumers who signed up to an 8mbit/s package achieved an average speed of only 3.9megabits per second. A shocking 20% of package holders could not get a connection speed above 2 megabits.

Ofcom has shown that the speeds advertised are merely theoretical, and that consumers who sign up to faster packages aren’t necessarily benefiting from them. The highest connection speed a customer on an 8megabits per second package achieved was 7.2mbit/s, still a distinct drop from the speed promised, and even then it’s only achievable if the customer lives very close to a telephone exchange.

In recent months, the race to provide faster speeds has become even more competitive. A faster connection speed means that web pages will load quicker, while consumers should experience shorter download rates.

This latest investigation has seen the government call for a crackdown on advertising rules when it comes to broadband speeds to ensure consumers are not deliberately mislead.

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