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BT admits mis-selling broadband packages

Published: 15/01/2017 by Comments

BT admits mis-selling broadband packages

BT customers are accidentally signing up and paying for services that they are not eligible for due to a glitch in the system.

A disgruntled customer recently reported that he was recently sold a BT fibre package for £35 per month after switching from a £5 package with 18Mbps speed.

Even though the BT infinity website had said he had been approved for the service, once it was installed, he was paying £35 and still getting a £5 service.

After speaking to their customer service team, he was eventually told that he should never have been eligible for the product in the first place!
The company later apologised to the disheartened customer for their mistake.

The customer who doesn’t wish to be named is now concerned that other BT users are also paying for the wrong service but they are not aware of it.
This blunder could be as a result of BT entering inaccurate information into their system.

Ofcom has been contacted about the problem; however, they have stated that they are unable to intervene.

It appears as if BT are selling a product that it is unable to provide.

In a recent letter addressing this growing concern BT stated: “In regards to broadband installation services, it needs to be explained that even though orders are being accepted for fibre broadband, providers are not aware that certain homes are unable to take advantage of the service until the day that it is connected.”

BT plans on expanding over the next three years and providing ultrafast hybrid fibre and copper G. They intend on providing this service to 10 million customers by 2020. The service will provide speeds of more than 100Mbps. By their 2020 target, they are expecting 2 million homes to have fibre broadband installed in their homes.

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