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BT announces further discounts on Talk & Surf Plus

Published: 20/06/2010 by Comments

BT has recently announced a new promotional offer on its Talk & Surf Plus home broadband package that will net customers a further £60 savings - on top of the first 3 month free of charge usage the package is already offering.

According to the terms of the new, limited period offer, in addition to getting the first three months free of charge - during which time subscribers only pay landline bills - customers will also be charged a lowered monthly rate of £15.99 (originally £19.99). As an additional sweetener, an exclusive deal with will see the customers that subscribe before June 16 receive a free case of wine, courtesy of Naked Wines.

The ‘Surf’ broadband connection of the Talk & Surf Plus deal offers a 20Mbps connection, a 10GB monthly usage cap, basic online security and 24 hour technical support. The offer includes BT’s award-wining Home Hub wireless router, free of charge.

The ‘Talk’ component of the package allows unlimited calls to UK landlines and to numbers starting with 0845 and 0870 at any time. Customer support is free, as is a choice of three calling features from voice mail, call waiting, three-way calling and ring back.

Customers that require BT landline to be installed or reconnected will be charged £50 connection fee if they order the BT Talk & Surf Plus package online, raking in a saving of £74.99 on the £124.99 normal price.

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