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BT Broadband to extend 20Mb service to 80% of UK

Published: 06/04/2011 by Comments

BT will extend it’s 20Mbps broadband to about 80% of the UK by the end of 2011.

Cameron Rejali from BT said: “WBC forms part of the UK broadband ‘mixed economy’, where businesses and households are increasingly able to choose the broadband service that suits their needs best.”

BT didn’t manage to hit a target which included 75% of the current population of Britain by the beginning of this year. Its ADSL2+ broadband service is serving both family and official residences. This service alone has connected more than 1,000 exchanges and could easily be the choice of 60% of all of UK’s population, an estimate number of 15.5 million users.

BT’s goal is to increase that number to about 20 million, evolving from 29% to about 80% coverage. There are 30,000 more additional lines enabled each week, lines which are securing the 20Mbps broadband connection. BT has also pointed out that 99% of UK’s population could easily connect to the 8Mbps broadband service. A report made by Ofcom last month showed that the average internet speed of BT customers is settling at 7 Mbps. Malcolm Corbett said: “Super-fast broadband and UK competitiveness are inextricably linked, so we can’t afford to get next-generation wrong.”

The BT Wholesale can also install fibre broadband that can reach speeds of up to 40Mbps. The current 40Mbps service is presently available to four million houses and businesses. BT announced in January this year that 41 towns could get speedy fibre connections by the beginning of 2012.

Ofcom is thinking of making BT a proposition in April. It will include lower prices to both broadband and phone expenses.
The company stated that it will continue with its plan of rolling out copper cables to about two-thirds of the country by the year 2015.

There are 100Mbps technology tests happening right now. These very fast connections will be available for the Bradwell Abbey exchange in Milton Keynes, as well as for other 11,000 people.

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