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BT is UK’s largest broadband provider

Published: 04/08/2009 by Comments

While many companies are struggling to encourage during the business, it has been revealed that BT has signed up 78,000 new broadband customers during the second quarter of 2009. On top of that, BT enjoyed another boost with 38,000 new sign ups to its on-demand TV service, BT Vision. The broadband-based service now has 433,000 users.

The latest figures show that the company can now take the crown as the UK’s largest broadband provider, with a grand total of nearly 5 million customers across its many brands. With a 35% market share of all DSL broadband and LLU-installed internet connections, there is no doubting BT’s might within the industry..

It’s not the only provider to report growth, however, with Sky adding 118,000 new customers in the second quarter..

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