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BT launching 100mb fibre optic Broadband

Published: 23/09/2009 by Comments

BT Openreach has given an indicator on the cost of its upcoming fibre-optic broadband trial for the first time. The new service, which is set to provide 100Mb fibre optic broadband, will be launched in 2010. The service is expected to serve up to 40,000 households in the UK, starting with London’s Hingham’s Park.

The broadband provider has announced price points for the service, ranging from £175 to £255 per year. These costs will apply to product bandwidth options up to 100Mb. However, web-savvy readers need not get too excited, as BT Openreach is charging this fee for line rental only - so there is likely to be additional costs involved.

It is also expected that there will be usage limits enforced as part of specific packages, which could actually slow down the received speed of the service.

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