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BT secures exclusive rights to online gaming service

Published: 17/05/2010 by Comments

Online gamers rejoice, as broadcasting giant BT has announced this week that it has secured the exclusive rights to OnLive, an online gaming service, when it launches in the UK. Taking a big step in the entertainment race, BT will offer OnLive as part of its broadband bundle packages.

There’s already a lot of hype being generated around the launch in Europe, with scores of gamers applying to take part in the US beta test - despite the fact that the trials are only open to American citizens. However, UK gamers who aren’t currently with BT and have no plans to start subscribing, can breathe a sigh of relief, as the gaming service will still be available for purchase direct from OnLive itself.

With huge excitement already surrounding the project, the eagerly anticipated launch is bound to be met with a flurry of orders from would-be online gamers. Early estimates suggest that a 1.5Mbs Internet connection should be enough to stream the games in standard definition. Gamers who are keen to enjoy a visual feast of entertainment in HD will need to ensure they have a 5Mbs connection - a feat which could be problematic for a number of UK subscribers.

The service has been in the testing stages in the UK since 2009 with Beta testing likely to start this year, but there is currently no confirmed launch date.

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