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BT set to boost broadband speeds

Published: 08/06/2009 by Comments

BT has announced that it will be boosting broadband speeds over the next few months. The broadcasting company is upgrading 549 exchanges to ADSL+2 . This latest move will top the current promise of ‘up to’ 8Mbits/sec with a significant jump to ‘up to’ 20Mbits/sec.

Although it could take a while to implement the changes, BT is hoping to for the new speeds to reach 55% of its customers by March 2010, with 40% of UK users getting access this summer.
Not only that, but the internet service provider is also looking to increase upload speeds as well. The free upgrade sounds impressive, but it’s likely that most consumers will only notice a very minor difference, as it’s dependent on proximity to your local exchange the wiring in your home. Existing customers will also have to sign up for another year in order to receive the upgrade.

BT has also promised free BT Broadband Accelerators. The additional piece of kit puts a stop to electrical interference from telephone extension wiring which can affect connection performance. Customers will have to stump up £2.50 postage and packaging costs, but it could be a good investment as the accelerator is also said to improve broadband speeds and reliability.

Chief Executive Officer for BT Retail, Gavin Patterson, explained, “We believe the true value of broadband is in helping customers enjoy the exciting new services that it makes possible. In line with the Government’s Digital Britain review, we will be making higher speeds more widely available.”

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