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BT speeds up broadband as profits soar

Published: 16/05/2011 by Comments

British Telecom’s profits got up by 71% as its broadband market increased in the last twelve months. £1.7 billion is the magical number of sales registered on 31st of March. During the fourth quarter BT managed to increase their profits by an enormous 97% to approximately £495 million. The bad news is very small in numbers as it is in percentage - only 6% decrease in sales, which means something a little more than £5 billion, was lost. In this case, BT still has some issues with its services.

Ian Livingston, who is the chief executive at British Telecom, said: “We have delivered profits and free cash flow ahead of expectations for the year.” BT is continuing to firmly make its way in the broadband market by issuing incredibly affordable packages. This strategy helped the telecommunication companies to add more than 250,000 customers in the fourth quarter alone.

Technology is what kept the prices down and the energy-saving Home Hub 3 router is one of the steps BT made to ensure the best connections for wireless networks.

“We have consolidated our position as the leading provider of broadband in the UK with our highest quarterly share of DSL broadband net additions for eight years,” added Ian Livingston. Mr. Livingston believes that BT will continue this path and increase its profits even more.

Another step taken by BT towards improving its services and getting more profits represents its plan to extended the Infinity package, making the fiber broadband faster and more reliable. The current speed for this package is 40Mbps, but 2012 will bring double that speed to current customers’ delight. According to Mr. Livingston even Openreach revealed an increase in its copper lines this year. The tone of Ian Livingston’s voice was optimistic and progress appears to remain on BT’s agenda.

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