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BT speeds up broadband for free

Published: 07/08/2009 by Comments

BT will be offering their customers a free broadband accelerator called the iPlate, reports say that this device can enhance speeds considerably by up to 1.5Mbps.

Existing BT broadband customers can get the iPlate for free, all that is needed to pay will pay will be the £1.20 to cover postage costs. The iPlate is a small device that fits over your existing phone socket & works by eliminating surrounding electrical interference, creating a cleaner line for data to pass through.

The technology for the iPlate was originally released a year ago but shipped with a price tag of around £10. At the same time BT came under scrutiny from its competitors claiming that it should have been giving the device away for free.

BT broadband currently have a special 3 months free broadband offer, this promotion ends on 4th September 2009.

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