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BT to rollout next generation broadband in Halifax

Published: 06/06/2010 by Comments

Halifax is all set to become one of the first locales of the UK to experience BT’s next-gen broadband services.

BT has reported that it has almost completed its work on upgrading Halifax’s broadband infrastructure and its Infinity double-decker will make its way to the city today to give its community a taste of the future.

While the double-decker is in the area showing off the capabilities of the new fiber-optic network, BT will hold a competition to identify the family who value the internet the most as a key part of their home life. The winners will receive an 18-month subscription to the new service gratis.

The super-fast broadband service will offer download speeds of reaching up to 40Mb/s and uploads of up to 10Mb/s.

The Infinity double-decker will demonstrate how the new service will offer unprecedented access to virtual services such as HD TV, gaming, and social networking. The services will also allow the sharing of large files like photos or films easily, seamless access to rich multimedia content from web sites such as iPlayer and YouTube, and radically improved download speeds.

John Anderson, BT’s regional director, said that BT is keen to show the people of Halifax what the next generation broadband services has to offer. The new services will fully support Web 3.0 technologies such as VoIP, cloud computing and HD video conferencing.

BT recently confirmed that its next generation broadband services have already gone live in two parts of Edinburgh. BT predicts that it could spend an extra £1 billion to roll the fibre optic network out to up to two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2015.

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